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May the Lord truly bless you as you search to become evermore mature in your Christian faith, bearing testament in all you do, that others may come to know the liberty and power of salvation in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our St Marks Pastoral Team is available to attend to your ceremonial requirements in the following areas:



All our Ministers are licensed Marriage Officers and Commissioners of Oath.

We offer relevant, inspirational and personalized weddings to all heterosexual couples, irrespective of their age, race and religious backgrounds or church membership. We love people as the Lord does, and therefore keep our ‘doors open’ to the whosoever will.

We believe by offering wedding ceremonies we build bridges with couples and show our love and appreciation for them. We believe marriage is a precious union, which God designed, and therefore we honour the commitment that couples are willing to make to each other, in the presence of witnesses and the Lord. We believe the strongest unit in society is the family unit, and we know when a family honours God in their marriage and home, He will honour them.

The relevant Minister will meet with the couple a week or two before the ‘big day’ and go through the order of service, tailoring it to their needs.

We also touch on practical and spiritual principles for a fruitful marriage. There are no ‘marriage courses’ per se that we prescribe, however we offer literature and DVDs on relationships and we are available for any marriage advise/counselling at any time, at the request of the couple.

We desire to make the wedding day a memorable one, and will do our best to ensure it.

Wedding bookings are made through our Booking Secretary for both on-site and off-site weddings for any day of the week, Sundays excepted.



We see the purpose of a Christening as threefold:

  • To name the child

  • To dedicate the child to God, who is the Giver of Life

  • To pray for wisdom in parenting


It is therefore a dedication ceremony and not a baptism with water as some other churches would prescribe. We believe it is important for parents to recognize the fact that life belongs to God, and that He takes a loving interest in the raising of all children. The child should grow up with an understanding that God created them for a specific purpose, and that the church is not to be their enemy, but friend. By offering a Christening Service we build a bridge with the family by exposing the child to his/her very first Church Service.


As the child grows up, they have an awareness and identity with a local Church and the Lord, who loves them and wants the best for them.


Our Christening Services are brief, but meaningful services, and are normally 15-20 minutes in duration. The ceremony is held in our on-site Chapel where the cozy environment offers families the opportunity to invite relatives and friends to join and celebrate a very special and memorable occasion.


The age of the child to be Christened varies, but usually a baby under 1 year of age is ideal and parents need not be members of our Church.


We invite parents to book a date for a Sunday Christening with our Booking Secretary.



Loss of a loved one, due to illness or accident, whether old or young, is always difficult to deal with emotionally. Families are often faced with many sudden decisions and arrangements that have to be made.


St Marks Church offers practical, emotional and spiritual support during this time of need and grief.


Our Ministers are well trained, and able to guide family members in their decision making regarding the funeral arrangements.


We are a community based Church, and therefore offer our services to members and non-members alike.


Funeral Services are structured to be dignified and well balanced emphasising the greatest hope that we have: the promise of eternal life offered by Almighty God, and guaranteed by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Although the funeral is an emotional time, we believe that a concise practical message of hope centred on the Lord Jesus Christ will bring comfort to family and friends.


We also offer free counselling to help family members cope with the emotional trauma.


Please contact our Booking Secretary should you require the assistance of our Pastoral Team in this regard.

Prayer Sessions


Ephesians 6:18: “With all prayer and petition, pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints.”

As Christians we can pray publicly or privately, verbally or silently. You can pray those deliberately planned prayers, or you can pray those spontaneous prayers that just flow out of your heart.

You can request something from God, or give Him thanks for what He has done in your life. There are many ways to pray because God has designed prayer to go along with every kind of emotion and every kind of experience.

There are times set aside for prayer in the Chapel at 18h00, before the Sunday Evening Service where the opportunity is afforded you to pray audibly or silently.

The Chapel is also available for prayer sessions each week day between 8h00 and 16h00 for those wishing to take time to come before the Lord in this tranquil setting.

A special time of prayer is held each Friday at 13h00 in the Chapel for 15 minutes. All are welcome to attend.