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May the Lord truly bless you as you search to become evermore mature in your Christian faith, bearing testament in all you do, that others may come to know the liberty and power of salvation in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We at St Marks are passionate about people and therefore we have a team of counsellors available to support members and non-members through whatever challenges they might be facing. Our aim is to help people by directing them to truths that have stood the test of time and that will guide them into right thinking and actions. Free counselling is offered in the following areas:

Family Counselling


More than ever before in our society, families are facing trials that result in the breakdown of the family unit. We are able to assist by giving practical guidelines and advice on how to establish healthy family bonds.

Relationship Counselling


Relationships form an integral part of our lives whether with parents, children, siblings, spouses, work colleagues or friends. With proper direction and mediation, relationships have every chance of succeeding. Oftentimes lack of communication is the root cause of problems and talking with a counsellor helps to resolve issues and bring about conclusive solutions that are beneficial to all parties involved.

Children's Counselling


We aim to equip parents to manage their family matters according to Godly principles, and to learn the technique of communicating effectively with their children.

Grief Counselling


At some time or other we all will be struck by tragedy and will face hurt and pain. Grief counselling enables the counsellee to work through the stages of sorrow until they begin to heal. God never gives up so why should you?

Scholastic Guidance


The demands on learners at school are often daunting and appear insurmountable. We are here to assist with study guidelines and personal work timetables to encourage balanced and regulated study habits. As many learners just don't know where to start, this guidance can be very helpful and effective.