The Miracle of the Incarnation
“… and while they were there the time came for her child to be born, and she gave birth to a son, her first born.” Luke 2:6 It is quite probable that many other babies were born in Bethlehem and in the vicinity on that first Christ...
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Being Schooled


“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”
Matthew 11:15

The right attitude is everything.

All the opportunity in the world means nothing if you are not willing to take it; all the education in the world means nothing if you are not teachable; all the help in the world means nothing if you are st...

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Right Focus - Big Plans
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Shaking Church's Foundation
Date: Nov 2017

The following letter, written by Dr Bruce, appeared in the Weekend Post a short while ago and we felt that it would be extremely beneficial to share, for those who may not have read it. We need to pray earnestly for the Lord’s leading and protection of the true body of Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:13 – “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.”

Dear Sir 

Are church leaders justified in protesting against the governments Rights Commission to regulate religion in South Africa? (“Churches in an uproar” Weekend Post 23rd September 2017) 

The C.R.L. Rights Commission [Cultural, Religious, Linguistic] is one of the Chapter Nine institutions which are founded in terms of Section 181 of the Constitution of South Africa of 1996. Its activities and functions are impartial. Section 15 of the Constitution recognises that everyone has the right to freedom of religion.

In recent years there has been a mushrooming of sectarian churches and healing movements in South Africa. Streets are marked with signs advertising promises of miracles from healings to prosperity. When companies place advertisements claiming their products can deliver results, they are accountable to the Advertising Standards Authority and they have to verify their claim. Church leaders should be held accountable for their failed promises. Why are church leaders so angry? In light of the bizarre claims made by socalled “apostles and prophets,” accountability is long overdue. The “church” has had a field day exploiting the theologically illiterate and vulnerable followers with impunity. Emotional, psychological and spiritual manipulation of their uninformed and duped followers is shameful and nauseating to say the least. I do not concur with Christian bodies who claim to speak on behalf of the Christian community. The general public need to know that not all Christian churches embrace the grandiose schemes and mythical promises that some church leaders make in God’s name.

Why were these same church leaders silent when it was reported that people were told to eat grass purportedly under the anointing and blessing of the Holy Spirit or to eat snakes, rats, drink petrol, spray doom or bark like dogs and behave like they were possessed, shouting, dancing wildly and even falling violently to the ground? The reason why they remain silent is because of their complicity in some of these manifestations. In the past I have been criticised for questioning some church leaders “spiritual” giftings, notwithstanding their outrageous claims of “gold dust” being poured out on worshippers from Heaven, or telling people to “throw away their medication” and claim their healing. Some even boast that they can raise the dead. The litany of assertions is endless. It’s about time that someone steps forward to protect the public from these “snake oil” salesmen. These men are enemies of the Cross of Christ, they are apostates not apostles. They have wrecked the lives and faith of so many genuine souls who have trusted in them as “men of God.” Faith and prosperity preachers have milked millions of rands from their people “drunk in the spirit” and mesmerised by their trickery. Hypnotic suggestion techniques are employed by proponents of the movement, not dissimilar to voodism or a hypnotist showman’s mastery. The fastest growing so called “Christian movement” in the world is engaged in “doctrines of devils” of which we are warned in the sacred Scriptures to avoid. Less than fifty years ago, the Christian church identified these trends and teachings as a deceptive heresy which has now morphed into mainstream.

As a pastor for more than forty years, I once was part of this diabolical cult and by God’s grace I came out of this delusional, erroneous aberration and resolved to teach the Bible accurately with no “strings attached” and without all the “fanfare” that is so popular today. Another reason these church leaders are upset, is because a regulatory body will expose their commercialising of the faith. It is a known fact that some of these “pastors” don’t pay taxes on their salary or stipend because they receive half of it in cash. Others have several properties, drive very expensive cars and even have aspirations to one day own their own private jet! How hypocritical of the church leaders to tell the government not to interfere with religion when they meddle in local and national politics. While our church subscribes to the Freedom of Religion in South Africa, we do believe that the church community has failed to address some of these anomalies prevalent in the church, and therefore Government has been forced to intervene. 

Too many church leaders with huge followers think that they can use their congregation or constituency to influence political agendas. The current situation in America is an example of how the professing Christian ultra-right can influence the politics of the day. The truth is yet to be told that some church leaders are obsessed with power and have their own political agenda and aspirations. Within Christendom there are sinister movements who claim that one day the wealth of the world will belong to the church. They preach the Kingdom of God on earth as a ruse to their political ambition to change society by conquering seven prominent mountains of dominion to usher in a “theocracy”. These seven so-called mountains of dominion are the media, arts and entertainment, religion, government, education, family and the economy of the land. Space does not permit me to expound further on this ominous movement within Christianity.

In order to be relevant, the Christian church must separate itself from the authority of the state and remain apolitical, instructing their people to be honest, tolerant, respectful, paying their taxes and giving to “Caesar what is Caesar’s” and to God, what belongs to God. 

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