Test the Spirits
Some time ago I was invited by a church in Ohio, USA, to speak at their church’s anniversary celebration. Besides the invitation, my itinerary included several lectures at various universities. What caught my attention however, w...
Thu, 14-Dec-2017
Impartial God


“For there is no partiality with God”
Romans 2:11

God does not give consideration to someone simply because of their position, their wealth, their influence, their popularity or their appearance. None of the attributes with which the world may qualify you would ever qualify you with God. He favours all,...

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The Proclamation of Christ
by Dr Bruce Woolard
Part 3
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Launching Out
Date: Dec 2017

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. This adage is particularly true in terms of unprecedented changes taking place in society. The powers of State have initiated a regulatory Council to monitor the abuse and misuse of religion. While we understand this necessity in light of the absurd claims made by so called “apostles” and “prophets,” we need to ensure that independent churches or Congregational churches, like St Marks, are collectively represented by an overarching Association. In anticipation of sweeping organizational changes and prescriptive legislative requirements, we have launched the Association of Christian Congregations of South Africa (ACCSA). This body will not be denominationally profiled but will serve as a regulatory Association to represent churches with a common faith objective.

Several years ago we identified the need for such an Association of churches and endorsed the same at a properly constituted Members meeting. Last month we hosted a seminar for pastors and church leaders to present the concept. In attendance were Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist and evangelical ministers who all acknowledged the need to establish a representative forum to address the current challenges facing the church. Our ministers have been proactively involved in the formation of the Association and will be holding talks with various church leaders who embrace the objectives of ACCSA.

We do live in exciting and interesting times but remain strong in our beliefs and practises. There are literally thousands of autonomous churches in South Africa that are not adequately represented and with the State’s pending announcements imminent, will need to associate with a registered body to protect their legitimacy. ACCSA is a registered association that will provide a valuable service to churches who will be compelled by law to function under a registered and licensed Christian system.

We will seek to build bridges and provide training and guidance as we collectively strive to fulfil our mandate as Bible-believing Christians in our changing world. Continue to pray that God will grant wisdom to the principal role players as they endeavour to safeguard and defend our worldview and ethos. 

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