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23 May 2018

Thank You

by Rev. Warren Watermeyer

“giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ephesians 5:20

“Please” and “Thank you” get quite a bit of attention in our household.  Our 6 year old (who believes that her manners are impeccable in comparison to her 3 year old sister!) shows absolute shock and disbelief if she doesn’t receive the “magic words” from her sibling.

The work of the ministry is about serving people, not about receiving thanks.  So much so, that when a “thanks” is received it comes as quite a surprise.  A recent email of gratitude had that effect on me, with no less than 8 separate “thank you’s” it left me feeling very “thanked!”

We cannot fathom ALL that God does for us on a daily basis.  No wonder the Scriptures remind us to “be thankful.” We take most of it for granted and have come to accept life as part of a routine… things that just happen.  In reality, God created ALL THINGS, sustains ALL THINGS and works ALL THINGS together!  We could spend an entire day just saying, “Thank You!” 

But we hardly do.

Be more grateful.  Say, “Thank You” and really mean it.  It’s a beautiful, Godly characteristic. 


Heavenly Father, Thank You!