The Miracle of the Incarnation
“… and while they were there the time came for her child to be born, and she gave birth to a son, her first born.” Luke 2:6 It is quite probable that many other babies were born in Bethlehem and in the vicinity on that first Christ...
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“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”
Matthew 11:15

The right attitude is everything.

All the opportunity in the world means nothing if you are not willing to take it; all the education in the world means nothing if you are not teachable; all the help in the world means nothing if you are st...

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God Wipes Away a Mothers Tears

By Dr Bruce Woolard

We live our lives in a world marked by assumptions. We wake up in the morning and assume that life will be much as it was yesterday. Our children go off to school and come home again. We go to work and return at the end of the day. We assume good health and business as usual routine. When tragedy strikes or catastrophic events happen to us or to someone close to us our world of assumption is threatened if not shattered. We seek for answers, we question why? We apportion blame on others, doctors, specialists, friends, spouse and even sometimes God. We experience a whole gamut of emotions. Numbness, disbelief, outrage, confusion, emptiness, depression, guilt, fear and isolation.

If our belief structure is based on the knowledge that God has not promised us anything but to be with us through the difficult times then like Job our faith in God will neither be dependent upon rewards nor destroyed when blessing turns into a loss. For then, God can interact with us to heal our wounded spirits.

Though we pray for a miracle
and it doesn’t happen,
God has promised to be with us.
Though our body goes through
traumatic changes,
God has promised to be with us.
Though we may endure
unbearable loss,
God has promised to be with us.


The grieving process often leaves a mother disoriented and confused. “You want someone to tell you what to do because your self confidence has been broken.” Some dear people who have the best intentions will try to say something to make it easier for you. They will say “It’s better that this happened because the child might have grown to be ill and would have caused you further pain.” Other will say “Don’t worry you will get over it.” There is not much that anyone can say that can make you feel better. Grief is an emotion that one has to work through with the understanding that like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces it cannot be completed. So you can only put things together when you find those missing pieces. God is able to help you through this difficult time.


1. Make your own decisions.

2. Give yourself time. You have the right and you are permitted to grieve.

3. If you friends don’t call you, you call them and let them know that you miss them. By
talking openly you will put them at ease because some of them don’t know what to say.

4. Give the child a name so that you are able to identify with a personality.

5. The grieving process can take up to 18 months you to recover emotionally.

6. Do not dwell on negative thoughts because they will take you captive and break you
down. Practise thought control.

7. Read Philippians 4:5-13.

8. Recognise that God is able to help you to grow spiritually through this difficult ordeal.

9. Remember that your other children need you. You cannot afford to live in the past. Set
new goals for you and your family.

10. Speak often to your spouse and affirm your faith and trust in him.

11. Discipline your actions and lifestyle so that an environment of peace and happiness
may permeate your home.

12. Turn this negative into a positive by writing a journal or letter expressing your deep felt
emotions of disappointment. Through this process your will be purging yourself of
damaging thoughts and emotions. If you write a letter place it in a bottle. Cast it into the
sea (you and your spouse may make this a very meaningful means of bring closure to
your hurts).

Remember that God is not to blame for what has transpired. We live in an imperfect world and sometimes things do go wrong. A cut finger –
is numb before it bleeds,
it bleeds before it hurts,
it hurts until it begins to heal,
it forms a scab and itches until
finally the scab is gone and
a small scar is left where
once there was a wound.
Grief is the deepest wound you have
ever had. Like a cut finder,
it goes through stages and leave a scar.

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