The Miracle of the Incarnation
“… and while they were there the time came for her child to be born, and she gave birth to a son, her first born.” Luke 2:6 It is quite probable that many other babies were born in Bethlehem and in the vicinity on that first Christ...
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Being Schooled


“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”
Matthew 11:15

The right attitude is everything.

All the opportunity in the world means nothing if you are not willing to take it; all the education in the world means nothing if you are not teachable; all the help in the world means nothing if you are st...

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Does the Bible Contradict Itself

 By Dr Bruce Woolard

Critics of the authority of the Bible often claim that the Bible contradicts itself. In most cases when a critic is requested to give an example he fails to do so. However, for the critical mind there appears to be many contradictions in the Bible. As Christians these apparent contradictions should not intimidate or frighten us.

Before I share some verses that are difficult to understand, let us agree “That we should not correct the Bible, the Bible corrects us”. The Bible faithfully explains and interprets itself.


In Christian circles there are three approaches to Bible interpretation.

1. Some believe that the Bible is merely a collection of Jewish and early Christian folklore that provides us with a general viewpoint of people of a bygone era.

2. Then there are others who contextualize the passages to fit a 
system of beliefs that was made popular by German theologians who promoted nationalism with the church replacing Israel. This brand is called Replacement Theology.

3. Then there are those who believe in a literal interpretation that is to say, the Bible means what it says in it’s literal form.


The serious reader of the Bible will soon discover that God has introduced certain principles and programmes for diverse people. Understanding the Bible programmes is the key to unlocking the meaning of the Bible.


Seven represents completion i.e. 7 days in a week = 42 weeks (7 x 6), the complete gestation cycle of a human embryo, the full life cycle of 70 years (10 x 7). The number 7 is prominent in terms of fulfilment. The Bible reveals 7 programmes:

1. Adam and Eve Innocent before the fall.
2. Noah’s flood Conscience of man.
3. Nimrod’s rule Human government.
4. Abraham God’s promise of blessing.
5. Moses The Law at Sinai.
6. Israel’s Kingdom postponed Grace
7. Jesus reigns as King Millennium.

Apparent contradictions surface when readers of the Bible fail to apply the principles of 2 Timothy 2:15 – “Study to show yourself approved to God, a workman that needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. Consider 1 Corinthians 10:32.


Commissions Matt.10:5 & 6 – Matt.28:19
Baptism Matt.28:19 – 1 Cor.1:17
Crucifixion Matt.27:44 – Luke 23:39-40
Dietary Law Deut.14:3 – 1 Tim.4:3-5
Holy Days Exod.20:8 – Rom.14:5 – Col.2:16-17
Salvation Matt.19:16-22 – Rom.10:9

NOTE ACTS 17:11 

As one considers these verses in the context of their dispensational value, one discovers the answers. What happens before the Cross is different from what is taught after the Cross. What applies to Israel is different to what applies to Christianity.


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